LWF Challenge Workout: Nickels and Dimes

It’s the time of year when we all start to feel that urgent push to fit everything in: family gatherings, holiday shopping and meal planning. And of course — your workouts! ...

LWF Challenge Workout: The Crescendo

Are you ready for a kettlebell (with a little bodyweight action) challenge, Thrivers? This workout moves pretty quickly and will make an excellent finisher to your regular workout. You can ...

LWF Challenge Workout: Down for the Count

This week’s Lift Weights Faster Challenge Workout is a descending ladder complex — all you need is a set of dumbbells and a workout timer. The weight of the bells will be ...

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LWF Challenge Workout: The Swing Dancer

This week’s Lift Weights Faster Challenge Workout is a kettlebell and bodyweight workout called “The Swing Dancer.” Grab a kettlebell that you feel very proficient swinging for higher volume because you will be doing a lot of swinging. This workout won’t be too terrible though because, did you know? It’s physically impossible not to smile when you do […]

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Cardigan Mark’s Thriller Workout

Note from Cardigan Mark: I am the MTV generation. Before reality television, MTV used to actually show music videos. And these video’s defined my generation. Songs I sang, love notes I wrote, and dance moves I copied can all be traced back to channel 29, MTV. I was in the first grade when I first […]

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LWF Challenge Workout: The Jack and Jill

This week’s Lift Weights Faster Challenge Workout is going to hit you in all the right places — the core, legs, and shoulders are on blast with this one. To really target the core? Hold steady. During the Bodyweight Knee-To-Elbow Plank, imagine you’ve got a bowl of water balanced on the small of your back and […]

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LWF Challenge Workout: The Big 10

Today’s challenge workout is a descending ladder — every movement is going to stay at 10 reps for each round, except the Hand-Release Pushups, which will decrease by one rep on each round. The hand-release pushups start at 10 reps for the first round and work down to one rep, for a total of ten rounds. […]

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LWF Challenge Workout: The Fabulous 40

Today’s challenge workout is a special one for two reasons: The first reason is because it’s my debut on camera for the weekly workout challenge!  You’re going to be seeing more and more of me and I can’t wait to keep bringing you these workout challenges and interacting with you on the Lift Weights Faster […]

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LWF Challenge Workout: The Spark

This week’s challenge workout comes to you from Cardigan Mark, coach at The Movement Minneapolis. Mark is unlike anyone I have ever met and I mean that in the best, most complimentary way possible :). He is a wizard when it comes to getting your body moving well and your soul shining. I won’t go […]

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