How To Tame Big Tatas: Part 2

Growing up, I knew there were some girls who begged their moms to take them to the department store for their first bra. They would beg and plead, only to ...

The LiVit Consistency Challenge

You could say that our gym, The Movement Minneapolis, isn’t your typical gym. Beyond the barbells and kettlebells, big liftin’ and conditioning circuits, we often offer up a monthly challenge to ...

Understanding and Managing Joint Hypermobility

I always joke that some people are made out of rubber and some are made of lead. Personally, I’m lead, meaning I’m not very flexible, but others — many women, ...

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How to Get Out of Distance Running (If You Want To)

I once entered a 5-mile race by accident. Let me clarify: It wasn’t as if I tripped and fell face-first into the entry form, but I did think it was a 5K, which was already very nearly the furthest I’d run at one stretch before. I hated every moment, but wasn’t I supposed to be […]

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Can You Lift Weights Faster Instead of Doing Traditional Cardio?

In a 2012 interview for “Faces of MN,” I discussed my answer to the not-infrequent question about what I do for exercise. When I answer that I lift weights and leave it at that, I’m often met with a hesitant follow-up question: “So…what do you do for cardio?” My answer has long been, “I lift […]

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Lift Weights Faster 2: The Launch

The overarching principle of intuitive training is, “Do the best you can with what you have so that you can get better at what you aren’t as good at…yet.” (Here’s one idea I’ve got for expanding your skill set.) It’s not surprising that this idea, just like the acquired strength that comes with training your […]

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Get Bent Pressing

“Eww, gross, get it away from me, I don’t like it, I don’t like it.” No, I’m not talking to you — I’m talking to the kettlebell. And to be frank, I’m also lying, but it’s an effective cue. Because I love kettlebells! I simply can’t rave enough about using them as a conditioning tool to help you build […]

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Lift Weights Faster 2 Ecourse

It had been a long, extremely fun and rewarding day of squatting, benching, and deadlifting. I had just finished my fourth powerlifting meet in the past six months (what can I say, I got hooked!) and was seated in the hotel ballroom where the meet had just wrapped, scrolling through social media, when my training […]

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The Performance Paleo Cookbook: Egg Bake To Go

I wrote The Performance Paleo Cookbook as the ultimate kitchen companion for athletes and other performance-minded people who know that nutrition is a key component to success. It’s undeniable that the food we eat is a factor—perhaps the most important one—in gaining a competitive edge. If you’ve got athletic goals or you’re a competitor, a nutrition strategy firmly rooted […]

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