LWF Challenge Workout: The Back and Forth

This week’s challenge workout focuses on unilateral exercises, movements where one limb is working independently of the other. Something we all need to get strongerrrr at! To keep things simple ...

Action Over Angst

I am most of my friends’ and clients’ least favorite person to complain to, because I have a near-zero tolerance for it. In the vast majority of cases, I believe ...

LWF Challenge Workout: Get Up to Get Down

Today’s challenge workout is brought to you by my friend Jill Coleman, owner of Jillfit Physiques. She is an absolute master when it comes to designing the biggest bang-for-your-buck circuits: you do a ...

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LWF Challenge Workout: Hit the Deck

For this week’s challenge workout all you need is one thing: your bod. Well, one more thing — a timer!  You’ll want to have a record of how fast that bod of yours is moving. Hit The Deck is a bodyweight circuit that hits your glutes, abs, and shoulders. You’ll run through it three times […]

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Fit But Flatulent? Food Sensitivities Might Be Holding You Back

When it comes to food sensitivities, I have been there, done that with dairy. My symptoms were belly bloating, a severe, acne-like rash all over my forehead and chin, general lethargy, and intense, hourslong bouts of pain in the middle of my back (this turned out to be related to gallstones, and resulted in a […]

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LWF Challenge Workout: Down the Hatch

This week’s challenge workout is a descending ladder and it’s going to take you right down the rabbit hole of conditioning training — you’re not going to be certain how you got there (because this is a sneaky one) but you’re not going to want to leave (because FUN). You can get away with one […]

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How to Lose

Last weekend, I lost. I am not a good loser. This is not an apology. I tend to agree with author Tim Krabbé when he writes, “Being a good loser is a despicable evasion, an insult to the sporting spirit.” Let me be clear, however: I did not throw a tantrum. I did not kick anything […]

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LWF Challenge Workout: The Oyster

The world is your oyster with this week’s challenge workout! Why? Because you have options to make this challenge your best yet. For The Oyster you’ve got a one-arm complex — complete all the reps on one side and rest as long as needed before switching to the other side.  You can choose a kettlebell […]

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LWF Challenge Workout: The Two-Fer

It is true that you don’t need a wide variety of equipment to get in a good sweat sesh; in this case, all you need is a pair of kettlebells and a stopwatch. “The Two-Fer” is a combination double ascending and descending ladder, and the weight of your kettlebells is going to be determined by how much weight you can […]

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