How to Lose

Last weekend, I lost. I am not a good loser. This is not an apology. I tend to agree with author Tim Krabbé when he writes, “Being a good loser is ...

LWF Challenge Workout: The Oyster

The world is your oyster with this week’s challenge workout! Why? Because you have options to make this challenge your best yet. For The Oyster you’ve got a one-arm complex ...

LWF Challenge Workout: The Two-Fer

It is true that you don’t need a wide variety of equipment to get in a good sweat sesh; in this case, all you need is a pair of kettlebells and ...

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Hit the Hole That’s Right In Front of You

Most of the Tuesdays and Thursday evenings this summer, I’ve been attending co-ed touch rugby practice, which doubles as practice for a competitive women’s sevens side in Minneapolis called the Youngbloodz. This weekend, they’re heading to Seattle to play in the club sevens national championships, and I’m excited to see how they fare. The team […]

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How to Cut a Grapefruit (to Make It Extra Delish)

If there is such a thing, the grapefruit qualifies as a thoroughly adult fruit. Its tart, slightly bitter taste wards off children and those with an unprepared palate, and I myself resided among the haters until just last year. (That I finally like is how I know I’m finally a grown-up.) High in vitamin C, […]

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LWF Challenge Workout: Climb Every Mountain

Last week during one of our powerlifting training sessions, my co-coach JVB and I were talking about being “photoshoot ready” and I told her this: “All ‘photoshoot ready’ means to me is that you’ve got nice shoulders — then everything else looks better.” It was a sort of throw-away comment but really, it’s true. So, […]

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5 Tips To Improve Your Turkish Get-Up

As far as bang-for-your-buck movements go, it’s hard to find one that challenges the body on as many levels as the Turkish Get-Up. For those unfamiliar, put in the simplest terms, the Turkish Get-Up is getting yourself up from lying on the floor face up to a standing position, all while holding a weight overhead continuously. Most of […]

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Lean & Lovely Follow-Along Workout

You know I love my workout buddies. When I’m home, I’ve got my strongman and powerlifting team to train with at The Movement Minneapolis, and, due to the connective powers of social media, being able to connect in real life with people while on the road makes finding workout partners breezy no matter what city I […]

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Lean and Lovely Guest Circuit

Neghar Fonooni, creator of the Lean & Lovely kettlebell program, makes me sweat like no other. We are the world’s perfect workout buddies, because we’re always teaching each other new exercises and convincing the other person to go one more round. We heft our heavy weights, come up with creative complexes, and, we always, always follow the […]

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