LWF Challenge Workout: The Hot Stepper

For this week’s challenge workout, we went to the pages of the Lift Weights Faster conditioning library to borrow from our friend and trainer, Jen Comas Keck. Her workout, The ...

Six Weeks To Strongman

“It looks like everyone else is chalking up, so we’re going to, too. Act natural.” I glanced over to see my training partner Jen Sinkler vigorously rubbing a brick of ...

LWF Challenge Workout: Leap of Faith

Yesterday afternoon, The Movement Minneapolis went on a field trip to the Skydive Twin Cities drop zone in Baldwin, Wis., where 11 members strapped themselves to a complete stranger (albeit a ...

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Jill Coleman’s Mindset Makeover

I’ve been talking a whole bunch lately on social media and my email newsletters about getting better. Not necessarily at any one thing, but at everything, all at once. At taking good care of your body, at identifying what works for you and what doesn’t, at overcoming fears and trying new things, at following through on […]

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LWF Inaugural Challenge Workout: Swing Batter Ladder

Welcome to the weekly Lift Weights Faster Challenge Workout! For this week’s challenge all you will need is a kettlebell and a timer. (Some participants have also found a yoga mat to come in handy to protect the elbows during the Hand-To-Elbow Plank.) You’ll be working on a descending and ascending ladder concurrently — while the reps […]

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Freedom (From the Gym) Challenge Ladder

Today’s post comes to you from former NFL player and fellow RKC-II Forest Vance, a mountain of a man I met through the kettlebell community earlier this year. What stood out to me about Forest was how gracefully and powerfully he moved — a rare trait for a man of such imposing stature. He handled heavy weighted […]

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So You Want To Be A Strongman?

Note from author Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake: Once upon a time (a few months ago), my very smart, fun, and colorfully attired training partner, Jen Sinkler, turned to me and issued a firm declaration: “We are entering a strongman contest in a few months. And you are writing our programming.” As this was a new endeavor […]

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Three Ways to Personalize Your Program

The following post is from a dear friend of mine — simultaneously one of the smartest and most ridiculous humans I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, Girls Gone Strong (GGS) cofounder Molly Galbraith. It’s an exciting week for her, with the release of GGS’s flagship training program, The Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training, and […]

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The Rock-n-Roll Workout

His body is guitar shaped. I do not mean that he has an hourglass figure, but rather that long ago, his form had solidified around holding that particular instrument. He looks like he should be cradling a guitar, even when he isn’t: head tilted downward, shoulders stooped forward and slightly uneven, spine curving over the […]

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