Becoming Unapologetically Powerful: Thoracic Spine Stabilization for the Back Squat

Here’s the great thing about powerlifting, and lifting weights in general: There are always new things to learn and new cues to layer in to continue making your lifts strong, safe, ...

Go Commando (With a Partner)

I travel a lot, for both work and play, and last December, I couldn’t resist a sweet offer to attend a chocolate festival in London with some friends. As is ...

Becoming Unapologetically Powerful: Shoulder and Hip Position for the Deadlift

The deadlift, in my opinion, is the most serious of the three competition lifts: It often has the highest payoff in terms of pounds lifted—there are a few notable exceptions to this ...

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Embrace Your Bigness

The following is a short speech—well, let’s call it a reading, thanks to my inability to memorize—that I gave at a spectacular event this past July called #OwnItMpls, organized by MPLS MadWomen and hosted by Space150. (Full recap by the event organizer, Erinn Farrell, here.) There were nearly 300 rowdy women (plus a few men) in attendance and six […]

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Becoming Unapologetically Powerful: Hand Position for the Bench Press

Something I see all the time in the bench press: women benching with too narrow a grip on the bar. This certainly isn’t true in every case, but I’ve seen it often enough to address it in our Becoming Unapologetically Powerful series. My theory is that women have a significant muscular disadvantage in our upper bodies: […]

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Becoming Unapologetically Powerful: Hand and Elbow Position for the Squat

Successful execution of the barbell back squat is highly dependent on your set-up. In other words, what you do to get into position to squat the bar is as much of a priority as is sinking down and rising back up. For instance, where you put you hands on the bar and your elbow positioning is like setting […]

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Jill Coleman’s Radically Responsible Makeover

Editor’s Note: Jill Coleman is one of my very best friends, and an absolute force when it comes to getting your mind right. She’s funny and insightful, and if you follow me on Twitter, no doubt you’ve seen me retweet her pithy wisbits ranging from Byron Katie quotes to fitness straight-talk gleaned from years of experience. For those who […]

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Rock Your Wrist Strength

Editor’s Note: The following guest post comes to you from Ilya Igolnikov, MD, physical medicine rehabilitation physician at Temple University in Philadelphia. Last year, I attended his highly educational handstand workshop at CrossFit 215, where he led us through the series of wrist-strengthening drills covered in the video below. His ability to bridge the gap between medicine and athletic movements […]

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Exercising With Adrenal Fatigue

Editor’s Note: This post comes to you from Laura Schoenfeld, MPH, RD, holistic nutritionist based in Raleigh, N.C., and cocreator of Paleo Rehab: Adrenal Fatigue, a five-week program that helps heal the effects of adrenal fatigue.  It’s worth noting that the term “adrenal fatigue” is a controversial one, but the collection of symptoms (which can be caused by […]

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