Potentially Controversial Back Pain Fixes and Over 300 Pounds in Giveaways

It had been a long, extremely fun and rewarding day of squatting, benching, and deadlifting. I had just finished my fourth powerlifting meet in the past six months (what can ...

The Performance Paleo Cookbook: Egg Bake To Go

I wrote The Performance Paleo Cookbook as the ultimate kitchen companion for athletes and other performance-minded people who know that nutrition is a key component to success. It’s undeniable that the food ...

How to Know When You’re Ready for the Gym

Editor’s note: Today’s guest post comes from Jonathan Goodman, founder of The Personal Trainer Development Center and author of Ignite the Fire, a book that covers how to succeed as a personal trainer. This post ...

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Risky Fitness

Two weekends ago, one of the most recognizable fitness models in the world, Greg Plitt, was struck and killed by a train in Burbank, California. The 37-year-old, who you may know from the show Work Out or his more than 200 magazine covers, had been shooting a workout video with his camera crew at the […]

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LWF Challenge Workout: The Low Down

Have you ever heard the phrase that fitness should be simple, but not easy? The truth is that you can still get an effective, total-body workout with no fancy equipment at all. Bodyweight-only circuits are perfectly suited for all fitness levels and are great to add onto the end of your regular strength workout, or […]

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LWF Challenge Workout: The Guardian

Phew! Last week was fun. First, there was the final sale of Lift Weights Faster — as well as the public declaration of Lift Weights Faster 2, coming this March! — and an amazing giveaway to go with it. But who says the party should end there? Not me, never. That’s why when KettleGuard asked […]

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Excuse Me: Burpee Substitutions and Modifications

I don’t like burpees. Now, before you say “No one really likes them, Jen,” I want to clarify why: I just don’t see them done well very often, regardless of the fitness level of those performing them. Burpees are a physically demanding movement that requires significant shoulder and core stability, plus hip mobility, and when you do them […]

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Conditioning Q and A With Coach Dos

I’m often approached with fitness-related questions that range anywhere from what type of underwear works best under a singlet (the answer: a string thong) to my favorite kettlebell (it’s this one or go home), but the fitness question I get most often is: How do I know where to start? My answer: Find someone who’s doing what […]

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Doing Work With Coach Dos: A Circuit Compilation

Some people can draw. Others can paint. Some can sing. And others have a knack for super-creative workout programming. Coach Dos is that guy — which is to be expected, right? He has, after all, written two best-selling books on the topic. He’s also been been involved and strength and conditioning for more than 25 years, has a master’s degree in […]

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