LWF Challenge Workout: The Corporate Ladder

It’s finally summer in Minnesota! So, I’m taking the opportunity to bask in the heat, and I’m inviting you to join me for “The Corporate Ladder”! (And if you love it, check ...

LWF Challenge Workout: Beach Party

We’re in the thick of summer right now and that means, for those of us who live in the frozen tundra 8 months out of the year, that we up ...

Tame the Tate Press

Looks weird, doesn’t it? This exercise is called the Tate press, and it’s fantastic for cheaters. And I am a cheater. Let me explain. Or rather, let my coach, Alex ...

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3 Ways To Bust Out Of A Training Rut

I’ve got a secret for you: Everyone, no matter his or her strength level or prowess in the gym, has experienced a training rut on some level. Training ruts are where PRs are harder fought, body composition changes are stagnant, recovery is lacking, or where enthusiasm for your training program has gone to die. Whether you start […]

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Unapologetically Strong Coaching now officially OPEN!

Whenever a potential member walks through the doors of The Movement Minneapolis, more often than not the reason they do is because they are urgently looking for something different than what they’re currently doing. Oftentimes, they feel like they’ve tried everything and had little success, or they had some initial success and then hit a […]

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LWF Challenge Workout: Trail Blazer

I can admit it: I might use what I like to call “loving peer pressure” to get my friends to join me in a workout. I can’t help it! I just want everyone to have as much fun as I do! This latest Lift Weights Faster Challenge Workout was filmed at CrossFit Center City, one […]

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How to Design Your Own Radass Circuits

Artists love to (and/or have to!) paint, composers spend hours creating music, and then there’s me: I really, really love to design full-body conditioning circuits. I was introduced to the art of it by my friend and mentor, strength and conditioning coach Dos Remedios, and the author of Cardio Strength Training. The only thing I […]

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LWF Challenge Workout: Drop It Like It’s Hot

One question my daughter often loves to ask me (one of many, since she’s 10 going on 18 and a wonderful and sometimes exasperating mix of curiosity and know-it-all) is: “What are your favorite things in the whole world, Mommy?” She asks me this question all the time but I’m not allowed to list the […]

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The Act of Consistency

[photo credit: Jalbus Photo] Observation: I often see people getting ahead of themselves when it comes to fitness goals. I witness frustration with the speed of results, and sometimes a peculiar sense of entitlement to results that haven’t actually been earned. Just like nutrition, the process isn’t sexy, but showing up again and again and […]

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