Two Strategies to Help You Lift More Weight Today

Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post comes to you from Dean Somerset, an exercise physiologist in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Between writing articles for publications like Men’s Health, T-Nation, and, Dean trains a variety ...

Becoming Unapologetically Powerful: 3 Lifts for a Stronger Upper Body and a Bigger Bench Press

When I tell people that I’m a powerlifter, I sometimes get the question, “So, like, you get on stage in a bikini?” Oh, goodness no. And that ” goodness no” ...

Becoming Unapologetically Powerful: Preventing Knee Valgus in the Back Squat

Knee valgus, when the knees track inward during movement, is something we see often in the gym, particularly with our clients who are women. Doing all we can to prevent ...

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Deadlift Off the Floor

You have no doubt gathered, through all of the powerlifting posts lately, that I love deadlifting. Like…love it. So much so that I built an entire speech around it this past summer. From my “Embrace Your Bigness” talk:  “The deadlift is a simple lift, but an important one. My husband, David Dellanave, describes the deadlift as anti-aging. Think […]

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Becoming Unapologetically Powerful: 3 Tips for a Stronger Bench Press

I’ll be totally honest with you: I love the bench press. Yes, I also love to squat and deadlilft (hello big plates and big buns!) but the bench press snags me in a very specific way. In my opinion, it’s a lift that puts just as much, if not more, emphasis on technique as it does on […]

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Becoming Unapologetically Powerful: 5 Pitfalls (and Fixes!) for the Barbell Back Squat

One lesson I’ve learned as a coach is to never assume a client already knows something (about lifting, that is!). It often takes the combination of verbal instruction, demonstrating a movement (sometimes more than once, both what to do and what not to do), and using tactile cues, and afterwards I’ll hear, “That makes sense!” Different cues […]

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Becoming Unapologetically Powerful: Three Tips for a Strong Sumo Deadlift

There are two deadlift variations allowed in a powerlifting meet: the sumo deadlift and the conventional deadlift. (No Jefferson, which I think is a real shame.) For the sumo deadlift your foot position is wider (somewhere between just outside of shoulder-width apart and as wide as toes touching the plates) and your conventional foot position […]

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Becoming Unapologetically Powerful: Foot Position for the Bench Press

Did you know the bench press is also a lower-body movement? Your legs play a role in building a stronger, more powerful bench press. This latest tip is an easy one that has a big impact. You may have heard Jen quote her good friend Maya Winters, strongman-national-champion-turned-competitive-powerlifter, when she says, “The bench press isn’t a press. […]

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Becoming Unapologetically Powerful: Thoracic Spine Stabilization for the Back Squat

Here’s the great thing about powerlifting, and lifting weights in general: There are always new things to learn and new cues to layer in to continue making your lifts strong, safe, and powerful. In our first “Becoming Unapologetically Powerful” video, “Hand and Elbow Position for the Back Squat,” we talked about the importance of upper-back tension […]

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