The Rock-n-Roll Workout

His body is guitar shaped. I do not mean that he has an hourglass figure, but rather that long ago, his form had solidified around holding that particular instrument. He ...

Eat Better Faster (The Muffin Edition)

Three summers ago, I missed meeting Practical Paleo author Diane Sanfilippo in the woods of West Virginia by about 48 hours. We’d both signed up to attend a five-day MovNat ...

Lift Weights Faster: The Launch

My heart was pounding in my ears as my finger hovered over the keyboard this morning. I hadn’t felt this nervous since the the first time I represented the U.S. ...

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Eat Better Faster! Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

I have been keeping the BIGGEST SECRET EVER, but I can’t. I can’t. I can’t anymore! (Good secrets are the hardest to keep, aren’t they?)Working out is only part of the equation for getting fit and healthy — good nutrition is absolutely paramount. Food is medicine, right? I cook at home a LOT, but I am […]

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Stomp the Yard: A Bodyweight Workout

The other day, I spent 13 hours filming 24 videos for my Lift Weights Faster workout library. (If you’re not signed up for the [free!] upcoming ecourse yet, click over to and make it so!) We had to turn off the heat in the gym, though, because it was interfering with the audio, so the whole crew […]

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Waiting for a Compliment

My friend Kelly tells the best stories. The kind that can get a group of people laughing so hard that every one of them has tears streaming down his or her face. This one is probably my favorite, and there’s a lesson for all of us in it. The day after a hard training session, […]

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The Question That Helps You Lift More Weight

“I just made the most major tweet of my life,” said my husband, David, to me earlier this week. (Why he rails against using “tweet” as a verb I do not know, but it always cracks me up.) “But,” he continued, “I don’t know if anyone is going get exactly how important this concept is […]

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If You Don’t Like It, DON’T DO IT

Every six months for the past several years, one of my former teammates and longtime friend from the U.S. national rugby team, Pam Kosanke, asks me to enter some sort of endurance event with her. Among her requests have been an urban adventure race, a Tough Mudder and a half-marathon, to name a few. Last […]

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Hot Hibernation: An Indoor, Bodyweight Circuit

The polar vortex has ensured that “outside” is not an enticing prospect for many people right now. So, fine, stay indoors and do this. This circuit consists of eight of my very favorite bodyweight exercises, some of which I’m guessing you might not have seen before (big thanks to Scott Sonnon of TACFIT, Evolution Kettlebell […]

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