The Chad Rodgers Butt Burner

“Excuse me, are you…Jen Sinkler?” I whirled around to see Chad Rodgers, former professional baseball player turned personal trainer founder based in southwestern Florida. I knew him, too, through his former strength coaches at ...

Minty-Fresh Friendships

I never planned to post this video (hence why I filmed it vertically, ugh — those black bars!). I simply wanted another keepsake of this 15-years-and-counting friendship that is so ...

My New Mantra and the Great Unblocking Project of 2016

It isn’t much to look at, my resolution for 2016, but it knocks me on my ass more readily than anything else I’ve ever vowed to do. I just finished ...

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Change Your Environment to Change Direction

At The Movement Minneapolis, we know the important role your environment plays in your decisions and actions. Because our membership is driven by results, we purposely strive to create a culture of support for our members, and our intention is to make it almost impossible for them not to succeed. We talk about these things […]

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Build a Strong Foundation to Become Unapologetically Powerful

Strength: it’s the result of consistently training large, compound movements (like the squat and deadlift) and manipulating resistance, training volume, and frequency as your body adapts to the movements and gets stronger. It’s simple, but it’s also not the whole story. As a powerlifter, you might think I’ve gone off the rails by saying this, but […]

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Standing Tall: How Powerlifting Builds Mad Confidence

“Stand up straight,” my mom was always saying to me. I was a painfully shy kid and my parents knew it. I’m also an only child who was more comfortable around other adults than other children. I had no problem looking a grown-up in the eye and holding a conversation but put me at school […]

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Become Unapologetically Powerful

I ended up a powerlifter something by accident. It was never a goal of mine, and if I’m totally, thoroughly honest, the prospect sounded a little boring to me. In other words, I had zero concept of how thrilling powerlifting meets can be, how much strategy went into picking your attempts, and how many new […]

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Two Strategies to Help You Lift More Weight Today

Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post comes to you from Dean Somerset, an exercise physiologist in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Between writing articles for publications like Men’s Health, T-Nation, and, Dean trains a variety of clients, from medical rehabilitation to world and Olympic and Paralympic champion athletes of various sports. He also enjoys squats and cookies, not necessarily in […]

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Becoming Unapologetically Powerful: 3 Lifts for a Stronger Upper Body and a Bigger Bench Press

When I tell people that I’m a powerlifter, I sometimes get the question, “So, like, you get on stage in a bikini?” Oh, goodness no. And that ” goodness no” isn’t meant to imply that powerlifters are in any way superior to figure competitors — it’s just not my thing, and the visual of the mix-up […]

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