How to Become a Powerlifter

Let’s clear the chalk-filled air about something: Many people new to the sport of powerlifting are intimidated by the proposition. I often address how to overcome that feeling in my Unapologetically Powerful Coaching ...

Power Portrait: Emma Swanston

First, the basics! Your name, age, and where you live.  Emma Swanston 37 Sydney, Australia I am also a certified personal trainer with a deep passion food: Buying it, preparing it, ...

How to Approach Warm-Up Sets

You want to learn how to safely lift big-for-you weights. (I love this about you!) But perhaps you’re not sure how exactly to get from colder than the water cooler to ...

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Unapologetically Powerful: Virtual Powerlifting Meet

Training for and competing in powerlifting is about so much more than what it appears to be on the surface. Sure, there are big weights, goofy singlets, and a few loud grunts, but since I’ve began competing, I’ve learned what the sport is really about: a community that gathers together lifters of all levels of […]

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How I Set Myself Up for Injury (It’s Likely You’re Doing This Same Thing)

I finally got more serious about my training when I got more serious about my goals. I’d been saying I wanted to make the U.S. women’s national rugby team, but up to that point, all I’d been doing was occasionally accompanying my more fitness-oriented roommate, Libby, to the gym and half-heartedly mimicking what she did. […]

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Bedrock Strength: Escape The Sagittal Plane

I’m not only a coach at the Movement Minneapolis, I’m also the first touchpoint for anyone curious about joining our gym community. This means that twice a week I meet with those who sign up for a free hour-long introductory session where we chat about each person’s exercise history and current goals and mutually decide […]

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Bedrock Strength: How to Pregress for Success

It’s no secret that I love to lift weights, and not just for the gains in physical strength and muscular definition but also because of the freedom that comes with living in a body that can move well in a multitude of ways. I want everyone to experience that feeling, which is why the following […]

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Bedrock Strength: Learn To Lift

I was once new to strength training, too, so I know that the fear of looking stupid, or that feelings of unease about not performing a movement correctly is reason enough to keep prospective lifters out of the gym. As a trainer, it’s my job (and deep passion) to show you that strength training is accessible and doable […]

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Happy Before(s), Happy After(s)

I nearly tripped over the two women sitting on the stoop of the nondescript building I’d just exited onto Reed St. One of the women promptly asked me if I had a light; all in all, a very South Philly experience. It was my second visit to Matt Godfrey‘s photography studio in as many days. I was only supposed to go once, […]

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