Whether your goal is purely to look better naked or to destroy the competition in your favorite sport, an intelligent strength-training program is critical to develop your work capacity and complement your conditioning.

I tapped my husband and writer of this blog post, David Dellanave, owner of The Movement Minneapolis and deadlift-world-record holder, to write a program that would do just that. Those who picked up Get Stronger Faster have NOT been disappointed.

When you follow Get Stronger Faster, you’re going to:

  • Develop the kind of strength that makes people refer to you as “the strong one.”
  • Build muscle, especially in the glutes, back, and delts.
  • Build a seemingly endless fountain of energy.
  • Rack up personal records (PRs) so quickly that it’s not even a big deal when you break another one.
  • Burn more fat in everything you do, because muscle is metabolically active, that includes when you’re doing nothing at all!

It’s not only possible…it’s guaranteed. Get Stronger Faster now!