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The kettlebell swing is a complicated exercise, and to do it well requires many steps, many reps and much coaching. Well…usually.

This set of secret, simple, somewhat naughty cues can instantly morph a sad, squatty-looking swing — you know the one I’m talking about — into a much more skillful one. The cues involve Reese Witherspoon.

But first, let’s talk about what’s probably going wrong, and what should be going right.

Unsuccessful SwingerThe Unsuccessful Swinger…

  • does a squat instead of a hip hinge.
  • sinks the kettlebell handle below the knees at the bottom of the swing.
  • rounds the back (possibly).
  • raises the kettlebell in front of herself using the muscles of the shoulders.
  • has squishy guts in the top position.
  • is usually sporting a slightly baffled expression.


Successful Swinger
The Successful Swinger:

  • hinges from the hips, sticking dat ass out.
  • uses her hips to move the kettlebell.
  • maintains the natural arch of her back throughout the exercise.
  • has rock-hard abs in the top position.
  • keeps the shins vertical.
  • appears to be having a good time.



Now, let’s recruit Reese for further coaching help. If you’ve ever seen the movie Legally Blonde, you’re no doubt familiar with the “bend and snap” maneuver for attracting attention. And while it may do that, it also works like a charm for fixing a squatty swing.

I invite you to watch the following clip, and try to picture these women holding kettlebells. (Look at that hip hinging!)

The bend and snap analogy has a 98 percent success rate at fixing a squatty swing. The hardest part is to get everyone on board with playing this role (shy people and macho men occasionally balk, for some reason). But if you can swing them….

Cues to Use (You Flooze)

Push your butt back: Chase your rear toward the wall behind you with your hands.

Keep your chest big: I want to be able to read the words on your shirt throughout the entire movement. Yes, even at the bottom.

The Swing Triangles

Shove your hands into your crotch: Keep the kettlebell’s triangle high in your triangle, if you know what I mean. (If you don’t, the handle of the kettlebell — the first triangle — should always stay above your knees. The second triangle is the space between your thighs, up to your business — see my illustration at right and never mind that it looks like I created it in the Draw Something app.)

It’s worth noting that your triangle should be even smaller than pictured, in my opinion. Meaning, your forearms should be allllll up in your yoohoo at the bottom of your swing. I want you to scare yourself a little. Or a lot.

Make it look dirty: More bend and snap. Drive those hips back. Only bend your knees as much as you need to in order to keep your back arched. Squeeze your glutes and abs at the top position, hard.

Make it look even dirtier: Seriously. Amp it up.

Allow me to demonstrate.

If you prefer more professionalism, you might consider these cues instead:

  • Think about the swing as a deadlift motion in fast forward.
  • Hike the kettlebell up and back, as you would a football.
  • Push your hips backward.
  • Retract your shoulder blades and maintain that position.
  • Keep your shins vertical throughout the movement.
  • Drive your hips forward forcefully, making the kettlebell float to shoulder height.
  • Form a plank with your body at the top of the swing. This means bracing your abs and creating a straight line from head to heel.
  • Repeat.

Saucy or straightlaced, swing on.

A version of this post originally appeared in Molly Galbraith’s guide “12 Basic Exercises You’re Screwing Up.” To receive the full guide, sign up for Molly’s email list at


Author:Jen Sinkler

Fitness writer and editor, workout connoisseur, meditator, proponent of spandex, former rugby player; never, ever without lip gloss.
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  1. Great article! I really like the “this triangle should never go below this triangle” cue.
    Nice opportunity to speak in pictures to help my clients. Thanks!

  2. Sarah

    Thank you! Wish I’d seen this Friday before I did “unsuccessful” KB swings and tweaked my back. When I can do them again I’ll do them differently 🙂

  3. Wow, amazing comprehensive article! Really nice set of cues as well – I’ll be keeping these in mind next time I coach the swing.

  4. Michelle

    I always use the stripper cue for swings to get people to push their hips back. Of course my naughty kettlebell ladies have turned that into “do it like a hooker.” Sigh.

  5. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my triangle (no, no not like THAT!!)! I knew I didn’t have it right. I didn’t want to cause potential complications with an incorrect form, so I have put off for some time kettle bell training. This is what I needed, thank you, thank you! I’ve got it! So happy and grateful. It needs to be simple, so it can be passed on…you’ve accomplished that beautifully.

    I found this by Googling; kettle bell swings. I’m going to check out the rest of your site. I used to lift / train quite seriously (never competed) with free weights. Lost it all and have done nothing for the past 7 years! Sold all my equipment from moving too often and knew kettle bells would be the answer… just don’t know or understand ’em like free weights, …been intimidated by them. Feeling confident in my swing goes a loooong way to changing that. 🙂

  6. You are perhaps the coolest person ever for referencing the bend and snap. Hilarious! I often use dirty cues in my coaching (esp the cue to not look like a stripper when coming up from a backsquat). But I feel my coaching will reach a whole new level with the inclusion of the bend and snap when teaching KB swings. Amazing.

  7. I’ve been using this piece as a reference point for anyone asking for advice on doing a proper KB swing… but how in the world did I not notice the music the first time through??? Just. So. Good.

  8. Matt

    HILARIOUS! I have always told my clients to “make it dirty.” I find that advice works with nearly every move, kettlebell or otherwise!

  9. Katherine

    My trainer explained it to me as trying to hit your butt with the kettlebell… that cue worked for me!!!

  10. Karintha Marshall

    “I’m in love with a Stripper” playing in the background = me lmao. Fantastic. I’m a fan, thanks for the tips!

  11. Mike M

    Jen, This is awesome, this is exactly what I have been preaching to my clients! I ask those ladies to Pop those pelvices at me, LOL

  12. Kat

    Thanks for this article! I’ve been doing a lot more work with Kettlebells and I love it. I have one question, sometimes I feel almost a popping in my wrist, like it’s being pulled out too hard. Is this a form issue, and how would you recommend I can fix it?

  13. Theresa

    Fantastic. Great article. It made me laugh and think. I will definitely be bringing this advice to my next KB class. I practiced the move and yes, it scared me a little. OK, a lot. 🙂 Good stuff. Thank you!

  14. Brunette

    Well, whaddaya know. I’ve been squatting. I just did it the ‘dirty’ way and can feel the burn in my glutes and abs. 😀
    Thanks to Marianne Kane for the awesome link!

  15. Shelley

    Brialliant tutorial! And SO much fun! My clients will love this…

  16. This is my first time here (via Marianne Kane) and is just what I am working on improving this week! Very funny. I like the Reese version best. I will be bending and snapping in the morning.

  17. DOS

    One of the best KB ‘tips’ vids I have seen!

  18. Kim Heaslip

    Thanks for the great tips! I LOVE your writing style and sense of humour! 😀

  19. Elaine

    Very helpful article & entertaining, too! Thanks for sharing this, & thanks to Marianne Kane at MYOMY.TV for linking to it so that I found it.

  20. Its about time someone made public dirty cues. I’ve been using them for years and they are wonderful.

  21. Thanks, all! 🙂

  22. Cody

    Jen, as a dude, the way I think of it is, i wanna feel a nice breeze on my boys. Me and the kettleball should almost know each other in the biblical sense…

    Great article!

  23. So great! Perfect and dead on. For my client who will not stop the squat (a few of my male clients have trouble with the snap), I’ll send them this post and encourage them to “keep it dirty!” 😉 Really though – solid article! Thanks, Jen!

  24. KrisR

    And here I thought I was getting too close to ‘my junk’. 🙂

    Love the post.

  25. Awesome article Jen! Definitely sharing 😉

    Looking forward to some shared kettlebell fun in March. Promise to keep it dirty!

  26. Oh yeah, nice article and very effective

  27. nikki

    Great article! When I went through my KB Cert. Dan John told us to “Aim for our junk”. It really stuck with me & helps me explain bell placement:) Congrats on all your recent success!

  28. Excellent piece, short, sweet, and effective.

  29. Justin

    I take it this is the same for single arm swings.

  30. Great points on technique! The KB swing is a staple in our volleyball training and the girls usually pick it up quickly once the hip hinge is taught. For rapid hip extension, I like to include resistance bands. This positively influences their vertical jump without even leaving the floor. Great exercise when performed correctly. Thanks for your expert input, Jen!

  31. This article is AMAZING. Seriously. Wow. I grabbed my kettlebell as soon as I read it (actually during) and lo lo lo! my swingin’ feels much stronger this way! I’ve been a bozo for so long…

    • Hurray! That sort of energy and fun is exactly the desired effect!:) Thanks, Anna.

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