How to Get Bigger Boobs

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Admittedly, actually having big boobs isn’t a topic I know much about: I am squarely in B-cup territory. Looking like I have bigger boobs than I do — even in the gym — on the other hand? This, this I can tell you something about — I received a Facebook message (see below) a couple months ago after changing my profile picture (see above), asking how I got my boobs to look so big and perky (aaaaaah, those words are mortifying to type!). The same photo garnered a second message from a different friend asking if I’d gotten implants.

Perky Boobs FB Message

Before I delve more deeply into this topic, let’s put it out there that motion control and support is a genuine concern for many women. And, I hear Title Nine makes some solid sports bra options if you’re serious about breast management. Let’s also put it out there that many women don’t give two ta-ta’s about how busty they are (or look like they are). Ain’t nothing wrong with that, either.

If you are looking for a quicker-picker-upper for no-bigger-than-a-B-cup, though, these are the sports bra styles I swear by. The key, friends, is strappy little straps and light, removable liners that both big up your bust and ensure you do not broadcast your temperature to everyone around you.

Free to Be Bra” by Lululemon: $42

It’s dangerously (but let’s be honest, not really for us) low cut and, like all things Lulu, incredibly high quality. This is my go-to, and it comes with removable liners to provide a little extra boost. If you want to go even bigger, double line it. I double-dog dare you.

Seamlessly Plunge Bra” by Lululemon: $52

This bra creates crazy cleavage without the maintenance of removable pads — it hits all the right angles and squeezes those babies north. Bonus of this one: It’s just un-sports-bra-like enough that it’s become my go-to under casual clothing such as off-the-shoulder tees.

X Back Fitness Bra Top” by Onzie: $42

Boobs Onzie X
Just like the jawn above, this bra provides the illusion of more boob without using padding (so laundry is more low maintenance). The fit is fantastic, and you get a little boost to boot.

The Handful Bra: $42-44

Their motto: “Flatter, not flatten.” And this bra most decidedly does not. It’s probably the most audaciously padded in my arsenal, to the point I worry someone might call me out. My friend MizFit loves this bra so much she wrote a song about it. Seriously. Bonus: The Handful is an approved mastectomy bra, and the company works to support breast-cancer survivors in a variety of ways.

If you’re looking for a lower budget affair, a few options from brands like Avia and Marika are readily available at discount retailers such as TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Even better: They cost less than a third of what the others do at around 12 bucks.

Leave your favorites — along with a brief explanation of why they rank — in the comments section. Tah tah for now!


Author:Jen Sinkler

Fitness writer and editor, workout connoisseur, meditator, proponent of spandex, former rugby player; never, ever without lip gloss.
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  1. Emely

    For larger cup ladies Panache Sport is great! Keeps everything in place during intense workouts. They even go down to 28 band and up to H cup.

  2. Jen, after reading this post last week I was miraculously able to find a Handful Bra retailer on Oahu. I purchased my first one (in Booya Black, holla!) and I AM IN LOVE. Thank you for recommending this! I hardly feel like I’m wearing a bra but I look awesome, and that’s basically all a girl could ask for.

  3. Matt

    Jen, I love your articles. As a fellow trainer I find them both informative and inspirational. This one could have used more pictures…or maybe a video? hahaha JK thanks for putting out great stuff!


  4. @apaguyo

    Sometimes I wear my Free to Bes out to the cluuurb. For real. You can sweat in it without shame and it gives you the support you need to shake a tail feather pain-free.

  5. Jen! I just purchased about 4 different bras from TJ Maxx Balance Collection because of this post. Thank you SO much for the recommendations! 🙂

  6. At last I found something that actually works, I now have the perfect breasts. Check it out.

  7. Trish

    I so envy women who have breasts that stay where they are supposed and who can try on bikinis without making their friends laugh at where their boobs are poking out. (Seriously, my friends love to go bikini shopping with me for the sheer comedy of it. The last time I found a bikini that fit was in 2000. In a foreign country.)

    Sadly, most manufacturers assume large breasts, large woman and small breasts, small woman. The next time you are in a store checking out all those cute, lacy little styles in your size, wander over to the 32DDD section and feel my pain.

    Jen, you would do a great service to your over-endowed readers by helping us find workout gear that isn’t painful. I’d happily test out anything you want to send my way.

  8. Lulu really knows what they’re doing when it comes to bras and workout clothes! The Inspire II crop makes me admire my own butt… they’re that good!

  9. ann marie

    FANTASTIC!!! thanks for posting the Handful website! I have the Lululemon bra and love it! Just ordered the Handful adjustable bra! can`t wait to get in the mail!

  10. Jessica

    I just checked out Handful. They only make up to a C. Too bad. They would cost too much, anyway 🙁

  11. Jessica

    I’m more concerned with strapping them down without having to shell out $40 for a bra! At the moment I wear my regular bra with the smallest sports bra possible over it. I have even contemplated ACE bandages. It’s hard to run and jump around when it hurts to do so.

  12. Awesome article! Thank you for featuring Handful, a four mom company that does so much to help athletes, tweens & teens, nursing moms on-the-go, and survivors like me. This is not just a sports bra! It’s the bra you’ll want to rock from weekend to work out! I wore the 50 Shades of Gunmetal Gray adjustable bra under a slinky Halston cowl neck knit dress on NYE and danced until dawn in comfort, and daaaamn I was beating the guys off with a stick ’cause there is nothing more sexy than confidence, and I was bringing it!

    No one needs to know what goes on behind closed doors. No one needs to know I’ve had a double mastectomy. No one needs to know you are an A, B or that you are post-work out in the freezer section of Whole Foods. And thanks to Handful in my work, life and everything else, I have one…make that 2…less things to worry about in my day.

  13. Loved the “broadcast your temperature” blurb. It’s been in the single digits here…and my temp was being broadcast yesterday. Drove me nuts. I kept adjusting my shirt. Hubby enjoyed the broadcast 🙂
    Looking up the recommended support now!

  14. DOS

    I can’t believe you posted my FB message to you! =o\

  15. Saburah

    This is a great article and I’m so happy to see that my question played a role in this write-up. I love the website and I look forward to your emails each week! Thanks for all of the helpful advice!

  16. Becky W.

    I like Moving Comfort’s Vixen and Alexis — both have a little bit of padding and don’t flatten.

  17. LOL brilliant article! I am on the other side of the fence with Rita, I need max support for my ladies! But every woman should feel great in her gym gear!

    Don’t know if you have the brand in North America but Shock Absorber are also pretty awesome for all active women’s needs, at least that’s one of my favs.

    Love the site

  18. Penny

    I’m right up there in the ‘A’ department. Only time I ever had boobs was when I was pregnant. I’ve noticed in the last year since i’ve been more strict with my workouts, they’ve been disappearing even more 🙁 But i’m ok with that. Less to droop as I age. I’m going to have to check out those bras tho!

  19. B-Grrrrl

    Great article – thanks Jen. My boobs have got smaller since I started lifting *sad face* so I could do with a boost in the chesticular department.

    And Neghar….A Cup…seriously? I was checking your new look website out (yes OK I was totally checking your boobs as well) and I wouldn’t have said you were an A by a long shot =)

  20. rita

    man, i wish i had to think about ways to make em look bigger while working out… instead i’m too busy trying to make sure i’m not flashing everyone!

    love the site, jen! congrats!

    • Thanks for the congrats, Rita!

      As for the boobs, the grass is always greener, innit?:)

  21. Free to be Bra is my FAVORITE and I am a little ol’ A cup!


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