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It had been a long, extremely fun and rewarding day of squatting, benching, and deadlifting. I had just finished my fourth powerlifting meet in the past six months (what can I say, I got hooked!) and was seated in the hotel ballroom where the meet had just wrapped, scrolling through social media, when my training partner JVB plopped down in the chair beside me.

“So,” she said. “You ready to lift weights faster now?”

Without missing a beat, my response was, “Yesssss!”

In actuality, we had already been more integrating Lift Weights Faster-style workouts into our training for a while now, testing and tweaking the many new workouts for my soon-to-be-released ebook, Lift Weights Faster 2. But in that moment, I relished the thought of turning my focus fully back to one of my favorite fitness activities: conditioning.

It is no secret that I have a deep love of all strength exercises. But man do I love the explosive, dynamic, super-athletic stuff. Workouts that improve my speed, strength, and agility are what keep my body (and mind) grooving, and the passion for workouts that improve those factors is what drove me to produce Lift Weights Faster — and now Lift Weights Faster 2 — in the first place.

Also, I was excited to bust out of the sagittal plane more often. The sagittal plane is that back-and-forth motion that most squat, bench, and deadlift variations include. My body has been so ready to twist, crawl, jump and generally move in a wider variety of ways again. There really can be too much of a good thing, and while my body has responded and adapted very nicely to powerlifting training, I firmly believe the human bod appreciates getting stronger with a variety of different movements and in every plane of motion.

So. Was I ready to lift weights faster? Oh yeah I was.

Listen. You don’t need to be stuck doing the same movements all the time, month in and month out for years on end. You have complete control to change up your workout regimen in the name of progress. If you’re ready to bust out, too, then I invite you explore the first in my free video e-course, “Three Rotational Movements to Give Your Conditioning A Twist.”

Don’t get it twisted: Traditional variations of mainstay exercises like squats, pushups, and deadlifts will always have a special place in my heart and a central place in my training. But exploring new variations can lead to better progress AND even a resolution of pain. (I cover several of the movements our resident doctor of physical therapy at the gym, Erika Mundinger, recommends for SI joint pain.)

In addition to the info in the video, I’ve also included a detailed download that includes written descriptions and photos of each of the exercises. Don’t miss out on that bonus!

Beyond the video and free download, I’ve also put together a phenomenal giveaway to for you to help me celebrate Lift Weights Faster 2 next week.


3rd Prize: Shifty Resistance

  • A sandbag from Ultimate Sandbag Training

2nd Prize: The Lift Weights Faster Style Package

  • A Live Well 360 Tote or Core fitness bag
  • One of my own BRAND NEW Lift Weights Faster men’s or women’s shirts
  • A HYLETE top and bottom apparel combo
  • One pair of training shoes of your choice from The Clymb

Grand Prize: A Complete Lift Weights Faster Home Gym (or Garage) valued at $1,000

  • One of my very own branded 15 kg or 20kg Thrive Olympic Barbells
  • A Pair of 45-, 25-, and 10-Pound Gopher Performance Bumper Plates
  • 16 kg Kettlebell from Dragon Door
  • A Pair of Valslides
  • Two Superbands
  • One Ultimate Sandbag
  • A Pair of Kettleguard Wrist Protectors
  • And One Jump ‘N Rope Speed Jump Rope

But not everyone likes their chances of a random drawing, soooo this year, I’ve added a way that you can straight-up EARN prizes for referring other people to the free e-course.


  • Refer 5 people and earn “Sprint Into Spring” (a downloadable PDF with five tough and creative sprint workouts).
  • Refer 15 people and earn a Strongrrrr headband
  • Refer 25 people and win an Unapologetically Strong fannypack (FANNYPACKS! FINALLY!)
  • Refer 50 people and win a deluxe Lift Weights Faster/Get Stronger Faster combo package

If you’re ready to werk, sign up for the free video e-course, receive your special link via email, and start spreading the love! And giveaway winners will be drawn March 9th!  Click here to join in!


Author:Jen Sinkler

Fitness writer and editor, workout connoisseur, meditator, proponent of spandex, former rugby player; never, ever without lip gloss.
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