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Muscles Are Accessories and Other #QueenShit

  “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself. (I am large, I contain multitudes.)” -Walt Whitman “Oh well, girl.” -Maya Camille Winters The most dramatic personal-growth phases tend to occur in the eighth year of each decade for me: 18, 28, and now 38. Slowly, slowly, slowly, then suddenly, something rips open […]

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The Other Bigs of Bigness

Editor’s Note: Julie Read and I met a few years ago at the gym when was working at a friend’s gym. After several hangouts at industry events, I was eager to get to know her better. (She’s always saying funny shit quietly, so if you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss it.) Julie is a talented massage therapist, […]

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Bigness Q&A

I’ve always heard training “like a bro” is wrong and you should only lift heavy with big, compound lifts. Why the change? With any new program, you’ll be training with a new stimulus and that will elicit various changes to your body. Hypertrophy training is great for building muscle—both for aesthetics as well as for […]

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How to Eat to Build Muscle

There’s a reason they call it muscle building. Building muscle is a lot like construction. You need a steady flow of raw materials (protein), in addition to the construction workers (resistance training) who put them to use and follow directions of the foreperson (hormone signaling) on what to do. If you don’t have the construction […]

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Recruit More Muscle Fibers Just By Thinking About It (No, Really)

If your goal is sheer performance — think about lifting a maximal amount of weight, running as fast or jumping as far as you can, or juking a defender out of their drawers — then research soundly backs using external cues to elicit best results. A few examples of external cues might be “Squeeze a […]

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Taking Care of Bigness: Doing it on Purpose

My best attribute as a rugby athlete was that I was slippery. Evasive. Hard to bring down. One season, I was awarded the title of Teflon Woman.* Also, I once rolled David right off the bed onto the floor when he was trying to play-wrestle me. We still laugh about it. (Or I do, anyway […]

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