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Better Than Seeing Through Walls

If I could choose a superpower it would almost certainly be the ability to see into the future. Just think of the possibilities if you could accurately predict the future. You’d never have to worry about money because you could just invest in guaranteed winners. You wouldn’t die of some Final Destination freak accident because […]

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The Case for Hypertrophy

Editor’s Note: today’s guest post is from someone I’m downright giddy to feature, and that’s hypertrophy specialist Bryan Krahn. Krahn, a fellow longtime writer, editor, and coach, is more passionate about the prospect and process of building a muscle than anyone I’ve ever met, and as such, he’s turned over every rock and tried every practice […]

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Dear Future Lifting Buddy

Dear Future Lifting Buddy, The very first thing I want to say is that I’m excited for a gym date with you. Someday, somewhere, I cannot wait to pump it out side by side. Look me up anytime you need your biceps-curl fix. But…is training specifically for muscles and vanity worthwhile, in the long run? When I […]

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The Best Rep Range for Big Muscles

There’s a lot of bro-science (or anecdotal trial-and-error) in the realm of hypertrophy training. And no matter what any of us gym rats want to admit, we have all participated in it at some point or another. Because, while a lot of the time bro-science is largely unsubstantiated by actual science, there are instances in […]

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How Hypertrophy Supports Strength Goals

I am not a strength athlete. In the past I would have embraced my status as an endurance athlete (running was my thing), but now I identify most with the special breed who finds a home among the bros (note: I use this as a genderless term of endearment), but who doesn’t choose to compete in a […]

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Do It Better: Front Squats

“Ugh, I hate front squats,” a member of The Movement Minneapolis said to me during evening class recently, as she moved around the rack setting up her barbell and plates. “They just don’t feel good.” What she meant, after further discussion, was not that front squats caused her pain but that they were uncomfortable. Or, […]

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