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How to Look Like You Lift

For many, there’s a certain appeal to muscles; to cuts, shadows, and angles in places that highlight the muscular potential of the human form. Maybe it harkens back to Italian Renaissance sculpture, a la Michelangelo’s David. Or maybe, for some of us, it’s a little more Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. Maybe we’re driven also by the many health […]

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How to Become a Powerlifter

Let’s clear the chalk-filled air about something: Many people new to the sport of powerlifting are intimidated by the proposition. I often address how to overcome that feeling in my Unapologetically Powerful Coaching group. Sometimes the conversation is mindset based, and directly confronts whatever emotional roadblock my client feels is holding them back (whether it be the idea of […]

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Power Portrait: Emma Swanston

First, the basics! Your name, age, and where you live.  Emma Swanston 37 Sydney, Australia I am also a certified personal trainer with a deep passion food: Buying it, preparing it, eating it, photographing it, you name it! I pour all of that passion into my website, BetterWithCake.com.   JVB: Let’s dig right into it: What does […]

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How to Approach Warm-Up Sets

You want to learn how to safely lift big-for-you weights. (I love this about you!) But perhaps you’re not sure how exactly to get from colder than the water cooler to raring to go. Smart warm-up sets are the answer. Let me be clear: I’m not talking about your actual warm-up, which is the sequence of movements you […]

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Unapologetically Powerful: Virtual Powerlifting Meet

Training for and competing in powerlifting is about so much more than what it appears to be on the surface. Sure, there are big weights, goofy singlets, and a few loud grunts, but since I’ve began competing, I’ve learned what the sport is really about: a community that gathers together lifters of all levels of […]

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How I Set Myself Up for Injury (It’s Likely You’re Doing This Same Thing)

I finally got more serious about my training when I got more serious about my goals. I’d been saying I wanted to make the U.S. women’s national rugby team, but up to that point, all I’d been doing was occasionally accompanying my more fitness-oriented roommate, Libby, to the gym and half-heartedly mimicking what she did. […]

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