Bedrock Strength: How to Pregress for Success


It’s no secret that I love to lift weights, and not just for the gains in physical strength and muscular definition but also because of the freedom that comes with living in a body that can move well in a multitude of ways. I want everyone to experience that feeling, which is why the following video is all about making movements like squats, deadlift, push-ups, and pull-ups accessible for most people, regardless of starting point.

Because let’s get real: Improving your physical strength needs to be at the top of your list if you’re interested in leading a healthier, happier, and more capable life.

Our bodies are constantly in motion. We squat every time we get in and out of a chair. We deadlift every time we bend over to pick up something off the floor. We pull wagons and sleds full of children or fur-babies.

Our everyday activities keep us active, but it’s not enough to just move from point A to B to C and then call it a day. Think about it: Have you ever tweaked your neck when reaching to grab something? How about feeling a twinge in your back when you bent over to pick something up?

I believe we have a responsibility to ourselves to learn how to squat, deadlift, push, and pull, in a manner that works for us right now, so that we may move more freely.

You can make variations to virtually any exercise to make it more accessible for you right now.  

Not knowing how to do bigger, multi-joint movements like these, or not knowing how to make them work for you, is the stuff that keeps people from starting in the first place, or worse, quitting when what you’re doing doesn’t feel right for where you’re at right now.

Not anymore. I’m going to help you take charge and give you everything you need to make the squat, deadlift, and upper-body push and upper-body pull accessible for you today, right now. Give the following video a look and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Ready to become Bedrock Strong?

If you’re a new lifter interested in getting strong, or someone who wants to build more balanced strength, we’ve put together a brand-new 12-week strength training program for you, Bedrock Strength. Complete with a full exercise glossary that includes written descriptions and photographic demonstrations of every single exercise in the program and user manual that guides you through every step of the program from A to Z, Jen Sinkler and I have combined our years of coaching and training to design the program we wish we would have had a beginners ourselves. This is a clear-cut, easy-to-use resource that will build a foundation of strength to last a lifetime.

Bedrock Strength is available now: Check it out here!



Author:Jennifer Blake

Jennifer Blake’s leggings might be pink but her weights aren’t. A personal trainer at The Movement Minneapolis she is a powerlifting and strongman enthusiast with a passion for human movement, here to spread the good word that strong is fun. Facebook: Strong Is Fun, Twitter, Instagram
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