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Women’s Health

April 2015

Strongly Worded: The Perks of Belonging to a Smaller Gym

January 2015

Strongly Worded: What Effect Are ‘No Excuses’ Photo Captions Having on Young Women?

December 2014

Strongly Worded: Why You DON’T Need to ‘Go Big or Go Home’ at the Gym

Strongly Worded: How to Tell If You’re Doing the Wrong Workout

Strongly Worded: What’s Your Personal Definition of ‘Fit’?

Strongly Worded: Why I’ll Never Be Embarrassed About Being a Woman with Muscles

November 2014

Strongly Worded: Change Your Mindset to Lose Weight and Build Muscle

Strongly Worded: The Total-Body Circuit Workout You Can Do While You Travel

Strongly Worded: Active Dates All Fit Women Need to Try

Strongly Worded: The Fastest Way to Make Fitness Progress

October 2014

Strongly Worded: 4 Tips I Learned About Weight Lifting by Talking to a World Record Holder

Strongly Worded: 4 Tips for How to Create a Workout Habit—Even If You Have Zero Willpower

Strongly Worded: What a 10-Year-Old Taught Me About Fitness

Strongly Worded: Why Aerial Yoga Is Awesome for Weight Lifters

September 2014

Strongly Worded: Lifting Big and Altering Expectations

April 2014

Why Butts are the New Abs

5 Ways Using a Barbell Can Help You Sculpt a High, Toned Butt

The Best Workout for a Toned, Tight Butt

5 Major Perks of a Strong, Toned Butt

February 2014

Newsflash: You Can Be Skinny AND Strong

December 2013

3 Strength-Training Tips for Beginners

Get Strong and Sexy in Six Weeks—the Workout Plan

4 Myths About Strength-Training Busted!

November 2013

The Beauty of Lifting Heavy Weights


Men’s Health

July 2015

How to Destroy the ‘Lockout’ Phase of the Bench Press

May 2015

11 Brutal Exercises You Love to Hate (But Really Love)

July 2014

Kacy Catanzaro: How She Kicked Ass on American Ninja Warrior

Jen Selter: You Love Her Butt—But Should You Listen to Her Fitness Advice?

April 2014

How to Avoid Workout Burnout

Why You Should Take Your Girlfriend’s Fitness Advice

February 2014

The Weird Reason You Aren’t Getting Stronger

October 2013

Invert Your Workout

September 2013

Bow For A Bigger Back

Is This The Best-Kept Secret for Improving Your Deadlift?

Enlist More Muscle

August 2013

Sit Down, Squat More

A Simple Way to Build New Muscle

Turn Your Workout Upside Down

July 2013

The Horrible Hill Circuit



April 2014

The 50 Hottest Female Trainers in America 2014

February 2014

Are You Counting Calories Wrong?

November 2013

Fitness Fairy Tales from Real-Life Couples

October 2013

10 Fitness and Nutrition Experts’ Jamba Juice Orders

January 2013

One of Shape Magazine’s “Top 30 Motivators for 2013



June 2014

Step Up Your Cardio


Huffington Post

December 2015

One of Huffington Post’s “10 Fitness Experts To Follow On Social Media

November 2013

One of Huffington Post’s “20 of the Best Fitness Experts Worth Following on Twitter

January 2016

When #Fitspiration Turns X-Rated, Who Wins?

August 2015

Pawsitively Purrfect Cat Workout Gear You Need Right Meow

May 2015

5 Awkwardly Sexual Exercises You Totally Do At The Gym

January 2015



Loose Workout Clothes Are In (Yesss!)

Experience Life

September 2015

The Workout: Pair Up for Power

March 2013

Expert Answers on Resistance Training and Flexibility, Drinking and Working Out, and More

The Strength to Sit Still: A Meditation Retreat

February 2013

Expert Answers on Thick Trapezius Muscles, Injury-Related Pounds and More

December 2012

Expert Answers on Refined Carbs, Breaking Your Slump and More

Show Me How: MMA Takedowns

November 2012

Expert Answers on Saunas for Weight Loss, Sore Achilles’ Tendons and More

October 2012

Expert Answers on Eating After Exercise, How Often to Change Up a Routine and More

The Qigong Workout With Jen Sinkler and John Du Cane

September 2012

Expert Answers on Multivitamin Boosts, Agility Ladders and More

August 2012

Expert Answers on Working Out Tired and More

June 2012

Dig Deep With Shaun T.

One Crazy Workout From Shaun T.

Performance Mouthguards, Belly Bulge, Homemade Protein Bars and Knocking Out Knee Pain

Jen Sinkler Interviewed for Faces of Minnesota

May 2012

How to Increase Your Bench Press, Working Out Sore, and Are Dietary “Cheat Days” OK?

April 2012

Your Qs: Krill Oil, Sucking in Your Gut and More

March 2012

Your Qs: Uneven Abs? and More

Show Me How: T-Drills With Jen Sinkler

Order out of Chaos: The Car

February 2012

Your Qs: The Best Time to Work Out and More

January 2012

Introduction to “One Month to Muscles” With Rachel Cosgrove and Jen Sinkler

December 2011

Naturally Fit

June 2011

Your Qs: Increasing Max Pull-ups and More

March 2011

Your Qs: Deep Squats, Carbs and More

February 2011

Your Qs: 10-Minute Fitness, Creatine, Toxic Cardio, Fitness Fix: Why You Should Warm Up

April 2010

Playing for Keeps: Eddie George

August 2008

Big Goals: Julie Foudy

June 2008

Solid Gold Champion: Elisa Au

September 2007

Passing It On: Erin O’Brien 

May 2007

Spring-Clean Your Routine

May 2006

The Fast and Slow of It


Star Tribune (local)

May 2015

Best social media fitness star – Jen Sinkler – 2015 Best of MN

December 2014

Bar belle: Twin Cities Powerlifter is a Social Media Heavyweight

Northwest Community Television – Channel 12 (local)

December 2014

Brooklyn Park Woman Inspires in Powerlifting Competition



June 2015

These 18 YouTube Channels Are All You Need To Get In Shape

April 2016

The 13 Fitness Pros You Should Be Following on Snapchat

January 2016

The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness

October 2015

These 23 Fitness Pros Have a Kick-Ass Message You Need to Hear

The Worst Fitness Tips Top Trainers Have Ever Heard

April 2015

25 Instagram Accounts That Will Actually Inspire You to Work Out

January 2015

The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness

January 2014

The Best Thing to Come Out of the “Bikini Bridge” Hoax? These 5 Kick-Ass Women’s Responses

The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness

August 2013

One of Greatist’s “15 Must-Read Trainers Rocking the Web in 2013



May 2015

Top 50 Fitness Blogs to Follow in 2015

Paleo Magazine

June 2014

Toward a Fitter Future – An Interview with Jen Sinkler


Fit Pro PFP Magazine

Spring 2014

Fit Pro Interview


The American Council on Exercise

October 2015

Do it Better: ACE’s Technique Series Continues with the Two-handed Kettlebell Swing

Performance Menu

May 2013

Misdiagnosis: Tendinitis


Dragon Door

December 2013

Your Body Is Best: A Crash Course in Calisthenics

June 2013

Get Primed for Primal Move


New York Times

October 2009

Americans Celebrate Victory for Rugby


The New Yorker

October 2009

Scrum Again

March 2013

Girl, Get Your Lift On: Why Ladies Should Lift Weights



January 2015

3 Tips for Staying on Track with Your Fitness

February 2015

9 Reasons Every Woman Should Lift Weights

Spring 2014

The 500 People, Products & Trends That Will Define The Next 12 Months



August 2013

Why women don’t need to worry about bulking up


Vita.MN (Local)

July 2014

Tom Horgen’s 9 Favorite Instagram Accounts



Daub and Design: Spotlight On: Jen Sinkler

Man Meets Goat: Interview With Jen Sinkler

Three Annoying Questions For: Jen Sinkler!

The Clothes Make the Girl: Lift Weights Faster

Jen Sinkler Thriving in the World of Health and Fitness

A Rockin’ Interview with Jen Sinkler

Four People You Need to Know About

Smart, Strong, and Sexy: Five Female Fitness Phenoms You Need to Know About

The Fittest Booties Dish Out Fave Jeans Picks

Kentucky Strong: How Do You Get Your Girl to Train?

The Whole9 Five Movement Series: Part 2

Jen Sinkler: A Life Full of Purpose and Greatness

Jen Sinkler Interview

Beautiful Badass Profile: Jen Sinkler


Podcasts, Webinars and Video How-To’s:

The W.O.W. Collective Podcast #36: Unapologetically Strong with Jen Sinkler

Health Geeks Radio #48: Unapologetically Strong with Jen Sinkler

Strength Matters Podcast 41: Lift Weights Faster With Jen Sinkler

Rdella Trainig Podcast 119: Jen Sinkler Is Unapologetically Strong

In my Skinny Genes: UNpodcast 098: Why You Can’t Stop Dieting

Yahoo Health: The Single Exercise That Works Almost Every Muscle In Your Body

Onnit Podcast #49: Girls Gone Strong with Jen Sinkler & Molly Galbraith

Balanced Bites Podcast #132: special guest Jen Sinkler of Lift Weights Faster

Episode 287: Lift Weights Faster with Jen Sinkler

Gorgeous Perspectives with Jen Sinkler

How to Get Published in the Fitness Industry With Jen Sinkler

Breaking Down the Muscle Snatch with Jen Sinkler

Episode 6: The CrossFit Analysis (Guest Starring Jen Sinkler)

Episode 13: A Chat with Jen Sinkler on Going It Alone As A Coach and Writer

MYOMY Monkey Workout by Jen Sinkler Presents Jen Sinkler!

FitSmart Episode 6: Jen Sinkler Interviewed, Metabolic Flexibility, Fasting and Random Chatter

Phaidra Knight Interviews Team USA Star Jen Sinkler


Guest Posts and Mentions:

On the UPlift: On Belonging and Multi-Faceted Identity

Girls Gone Strong: “Girls” Gone Wrong

SelfThrive: 9 Best Fitness Experts on YouTube

The PTDC: So You Want to Become a Personal Trainer?

Men’s Journal: The 16-Minute, Full-Body Barbell Workout The 15 Most Underrated Exercises, According to Trainers 11 Health Gadgets Experts Wish You’d Use

Muscle and Fitness: Lift Weights Faster Workout

LifeHacker: Lift Weights Faster if You Don’t Like Traditional Cardio

The Express Tribune: Why Women Should Lift Weights

Balanced Bites Podcast Episode #176: Bacne, SAD in Boston, AIP & Time Saving Kitchen Tips: Shout-out at minute 10:58, and in the transcribed interview at the link.

Factor 75: Real Life Advice from Women Who Lift

Factor 75: Ladies, Weights Will Not Make You Bulky; They Will Make You Badass. They Did For Me.

Paleo Parents: Seeking Out Strong

Travel Strong: 4 Things Every Woman Needs To Know Before She Joins A Gym

24 Life: How to Find the Right Gear for Your Weightlifting Goals

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Featured In:

Huffington Post

December 2015

One of Huffington Post’s “10 Fitness Experts To Follow On Social Media


March 2017

“This Strength Workout Can Get You Closer To Your First Pull-Up


Barbells & Bone Broth # 24 Consistency, Strength Training, and Strong Women with JVB