Three Super-Creative Complexes


Some people can draw. Others can paint. Some can sing. Yet others have a knack for super-creative workout programming. Coach Dos is that guy — which is to be expected, right? He has, after all, written two best-selling books on the topic.

Hanging with him means an endless bounty of exercise variations and combinations for me. And that means a whole bunch of new workouts for YOU.

Yesterday’s circuit was downright leisurely compared to the three back-to-back complexes Dos had in mind for us today. Whereas yesterday’s work-to-rest ratio was 1:3, today’s was 1:1, and included a lot more volume.

These are complexes you will love to hate, and they incorporate tools you might not have tried yet. Each one can serve as a standalone workout for days you’re in a rush — or, perform them consecutively, as we did today.

Check out the video for exercise demonstrations, a fair bit of muted agony, and a rockin’ soundtrack by Journey.

Complex 1: Clean Worms
5 reps of each exercise for 3 rounds; rest exactly the time it takes you to complete each full round
1. Diving pushup + inchworm return + waterbag/sandbag clean
2. Alternating sandbag lunge (for the record, my bag was 70 pounds — hence all the staggering around at first)

Complex 2: Kettlebell Bombers
10 reps of each exercise for 3 rounds; rest exactly the time it takes you to complete each full round
1. Kettlebell hanging squat
2. Kettlebell Romanian deadlift
3. Kettlebell swing
4. Dive-bomber pushup

Complex 3: Sliding Into Hell
10 reps of each exercise for 3 rounds; rest exactly the time it takes you to complete each full round
1. Valslide Spiderman pushup (as low as you are able to go — note the difference between Dos’s and mine)
2. Supine hip extension leg curl (SHELCs)
3. Body saw

Finisher: Goodbye Legs
20 seconds exercise 1, rest 20 seconds, 20 seconds exercise 2, rest 20 seconds; 3 rounds
1. Superbanded squats
2. Superbanded squat jumps

For more of this good stuff, check out Coach Dos’s premium site. I’ve been a member for a number of years now — it’s where I go to get fresh ideas for myself and my clients, and I simply cannot recommend it highly enough. If you’re interested in getting great training info from one of the best in the biz — including Workout of the Week (WOW) videos like the one included in this post — hit up


Author:Jen Sinkler

Fitness writer and editor, workout connoisseur, meditator, proponent of spandex, former rugby player; never, ever without lip gloss.
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  1. Literally just finished this…time of 26:36. Holy shit, this was an ass kicker.

    The dive bomber pushups followed up with the Valslide work caused me to clear my mind and forget about the quivering arms and desire to stop. This was as much a mental workout as a physical workout.

    Fantastic stuff Jen, thanks for sharing and keep ’em coming.

  2. #

    Actually Heidi, it’s a squat. Squat refers to the movement pattern regardless of where the placement of the load sits. If we held the kb in a goblet position it would be the same exactly movement pattern. It all comes down to the relationship of te back and shin angles. If they are staying as similar as possible, you are squatting (knee dominant). You can see the contrast between our squats and our RDL’s (hinging) in the vids. This is a common mistake that people make….

  3. Heidi

    Kettlebell squat….or deadlift?

  4. erica

    I’m tired just watching this. Awesome job, Jen! Loving the site.

  5. The only equipment I don’t have is the weather and scenery lol. I’m jealous you even get that in January!

    My girlfriends will definitely be up for this when the weather is like that. I can write a (literally) butt-kicking program like this and everyone in the park will be jealous.

  6. chrysta

    LOVE this…Im always looking for some new challenges. Cant wait to try this one out. Thanks!

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