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Do It Better: Front Squats

“Ugh, I hate front squats,” a member of The Movement Minneapolis said to me during evening class recently, as she moved around the rack setting up her barbell and plates. “They just don’t feel good.” What she meant, after further discussion, was not that front squats caused her pain but that they were uncomfortable. Or, […]

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Power Portrait: Andrea Williams

Author’s Note: Andrea Williams has been a member of Unapologetically Powerful coaching since August of 2016 and while you can already see how warm-hearted and enthusiastic she is in the photo above, her strength and tenacity should not be underestimated. A trainer herself, Andrea embodies what Jen and I call our favorite motto, “Always be […]

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Power Portrait: Melanie Ash

First, the basics! Your name, age, and where you live.  Melanie Ash, 34, Columbus, Ohio (We’re still in a fun-hangover after the recent Arnold Sports Festival!) I am also a certified personal trainer and owner of Melanie Ash Fitness. “Building strong women” is a header on the main page of my website and I help clients find […]

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