Unapologetically Strong Coaching Application

If you’re here, it’s because you’re interested in getting solidly, undeniably strong. Our mission, if you and I decide we’re the right fit for one another, is to work together to level up your strength and confidence—in and out of the gym.

You’re also here because you recognize the power of community: US Coaching is not only about improving your strength but also about building lasting relationships with a tribe of like-minded lifters. You are here because you know: we are stronger together.

“The community of the Facebook group is a game-changer. The love, support and camaraderie is truly incredible to see especially when many of us did not know one another as we began the journey – but we certainly do now! Every post, be it video or just text, is always received with assurance and positive reinforcement from the women. And JVB manages to make each person feel like they are the only one in the group when she responds to our posts – now that is the sign of a great coach!”

Beth Underhill, 48
Cincinnati, OH

To be clear: I’m not going to sell you on getting leaner or losing that last 10 pounds. Just because our main focus is not aesthetics, however, doesn’t mean you aren’t going to take pride in what you see in the mirror. As my co-coach and powerlifting teammate Jen Sinkler says, strength is contagious that way.

A Simple Approach with Big Results

Unapologetically Strong Coaching is open to everyone interested in getting stronger, whether your goal is building a bulletproof body by getting stronger in a wide range of movements, or if you’ve got half-an eye on the powerlifting platform.

But before you apply for my coaching program, I want you to think, really think about why you’re here.
It may be that you may see other people lifting weights and think, “I can never do that.”

Or maybe you’re unsure of your form and technique these movements.

Or you already love to lift, but you’ve hit a plateau.

OR, if you’re interested in powerlifting, you feel the call towards competition but are uncertain of the steps you need to take to succeed on the platform.

In any of these three instances, the resultant scenarios may follow or may have followed already:

  1. You don’t start at all.
  2. You start and then quit, because you’re not sure if what you’re doing and how you’re doing it is actually getting you stronger.
  3. You keep doing what you’re doing (because it’s what you’ve always done) and continue to not make the kind of progress you want.
  4. You’re left to wonder: “Could I have done that?”

“After a long time of trying to program my own workouts followed by a not-so-great experience with a local trainer, I decided to join JVB’s online coaching program. In the 6 months I’ve followed her program and taken advantage of her expert advice, I have increased my strength and stamina in the gym and I feel so much more confident working with free weights! I know how to use them and how to move with them, and I pick up heavier and heavier ones each week.”

Andrea Williams
Littleton, CO

Time To Kick Uncertainty and Plateaus To The Curb. OK Byeeee!

Let’s take Door Number 5 instead.

Because my heart breaks a little at the thought of you watching someone else do a lift that you think looks like fun and empowering and think, “I can’t.”

And I don’t want you to waste time wondering if you’re doing the right thing to make the strength gains you want to see, and I really don’t want you to keep spinning your wheels and not make headway.

And, while you can absolutely train to improve your strength on your own, I’ll be here to guide you every step of the way if you’re at all interested in doing so.

When we work together for the next 12 weeks you’ll have your training program — and my coaching — tailored specifically to you. I’m here to answer all of your questions and guide you every step of the way while you build up your strength and confidence in lifting free weights. You’re going to learn new skills, build more confidence, and you’re going to make new friends.

Plus, I’ll teach you the methods you need to keep it all going, even when our time together is over.

“I made more progress in the first seven weeks of working with JVB in her online coaching group than I did strength training for seven months on my own. JVB’s feedback and my lifts was extraordinarily helpful and allowed me make specific changes to dramatically improve my lifts. Her cues were easy to understand and apply and were always spot on and in 12 weeks my strength has vastly increased and my form has become drastically better. But the biggest change however has been to my confidence. I was a tentative lifter who is now very excited to get my hands on the bar every time I enter the gym. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to get stronger and more confident in strength training.”

Melanie Ash, 34
Columbus, OH

Not Your Mama’s Exercise Program

(But I’m sure your mom is lovely.)

The training programs included in Unapologetically Strong Coaching, use a simple yet revolutionary approach called biofeedback testing, and the result is that each and every workout is going to be unique to you and your body. You don’t show up the same to every training session—sometimes you show up like a rock star and sometimes you start out dragging your feet, you know how it is. Training using biofeedback respects that; the program molds to fit you, not the other way around. What this means for you is every time you go to the gym you will feel safe in the knowledge that the movements you do will improve your strength while feeling great for your body and not a grind.

Even though you’ll be part of a supportive and interactive group, I will be talking to you individually. Along with the program that forms to fit your body, I will also give you personalized coaching cues throughout our time together. Every time you hit the gym you will feel confident in your form, and certain that you are getting the full benefit out of each and every exercise.

“I’ve had the honor and privilege to have been in JVB’s online coaching group twice, which is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I came into the group with very little barbell experience and was more or less a self-taught lifter. Lifting pointers from JVB combined with the biofeedback component of the coaching program have enabled me to become more proficient in all of my lifts, earn substantial strength gains, and has also kept me injury free. And it was fun!”

Sarah Post, 42
Orleans, CA

We’ll Do It Together

You and I will be working together in a private online forum with a team of like-minded women with the same goal as you: to become a more powerful and confident human. You’ll have daily access to me as well as your counterparts to ask questions, post updates, and celebrate each other’s successes.

And trust me, there’s going to be a lot to celebrate because my goal is to make it next to impossible for you not to succeed.

I’ll be honest: This isn’t a program where I dictate your every move. This is an interactive experience where we will work together to increase your strength, confidence, and self-efficacy, and you’re going to be putting in some work. But we’re in this together, you and me, and I’ll be at the top of my game for you.

If anything I’ve said above piques your interest, I would love to get the conversation going! Please fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Talk soon!

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