Unapologetically Strong Coaching Application


“I’ve discovered agency over my body in the months I’ve been strength training.
I’ve learned that my strength is for me and because of me.”

Become Unapologetically Strong

I am ridiculously excited to offer a unique coaching experience that will help you discover what strength means to you. Whether your goal is building a bulletproof body by getting stronger in a wide range of movements, or if you’ve got half-an eye on the powerlifting platform, I know this for certain: Unapologetically Strong Coaching will help you achieve your goals, and then some. Becoming a better lifter and increasing your physical strength—and having a lot of fun while doing so!—inevitably leads to increased self-confidence outside of the gym.

You will walk a little taller (maybe even strut a little bit).

You’re going to find a new appreciation for what your body is capable of.

Your belief in your own self-efficacy will increase because you will have learned in the gym that you can do hard things and you’re going to be OK (better than that, actually).

Strength training is wonderfully sneaky that way. The skills you learn, and the physical and emotional strength you gain in Unapologetically Strong coaching will stick with you for life.

If you’re here, it’s because you’re interested in getting solidly, undeniably strong. Our mission, if you and I decide we’re the right fit for one another, is to work together to level up your strength and confidence—in and out of the gym.

“With Unapologetically Strong Coaching I saw big gains in my form, the amount of weight I could lift, and my confidence. When I started my max squat was 135 pounds, bench was 115 pounds, and my deadlift was 205 pounds. By the end, my squat improved to 182 pounds, bench was 137 pounds, and my deadlift was 270 pounds. Unapologetically Strong Coaching has taught me tremendous lessons about getting stronger but more importantly, it has expanded how I see myself. The online coaching program has led me to recognize that I am strong in every aspect, and has built the kind of confidence that empowers me to be stronger in my personal life, too.””

Melanie ‘Mo’ K., 38
Burnsville, MN

Oh, Hi There

Hi! My name is Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake but you can call me JVB. I am a personal trainer and strength coach at my home-away-from-home, The Movement Minneapolis. I am also a certified USA Powerlifting club coach and RKCII kettlebell coach, and for years I have trained clients both in person and online.

My clients range in age from their mid-twenties to mid-sixties. They are complete gym newbies and they are veteran iron slingers. Several are training for their first powerlifting meet right this second while others are readying for competition at the national level. Still others aren’t interested in donning singlets just yet; their main goal is to get stronger and better to help them lead their best life.

I’ve seen strength be sneakily effective at improving every area of your life hundreds of times, right in front of my eyes (or via the Internet). My passion is to offer you a space you can access from anywhere, if you’re interested, to learn how to become a better and stronger lifter.. In this space you will get highly personalized coaching tailored to your own personal needs, and also make new friends with other humans interested in the same things you are.

Unapologetically Strong Coaching is the happiest, strongest corner of the Internet. When you join the league of the Unapologetically Strong we only get stronger, together.

“The community of the Facebook group is a game-changer. The love, support and camaraderie is truly incredible to see especially when many of us did not know one another as we began the journey – but we certainly do now! Every post, be it video or just text, is always received with assurance and positive reinforcement from the women. And JVB manages to make each person feel like they are the only one in the group when she responds to our posts – now that is the sign of a great coach!”

Beth Underhill, 48
Cincinnati, OH

Get Stronger and Learn New Skills That Stick

Never again watch someone else do a lift that you think looks like fun and empowering and think, “I can’t.”

Stop wasting time wondering if you’re doing the right thing to make the strength gains you want to see.

Are you spinning your wheels and not making headway? Not anymore.

Feeling tired of going it alone? I’ll be here to guide you every step of the way.

In Unapologetically Strong Coaching you will work through a program that addresses your goals, while being cheered on by your fellow members and with clear, actionable feedback and support from me. You’re going to learn new skills, build more confidence, and you’re going to make new friends.

“I made more progress in the first seven weeks of working with JVB in her online coaching group than I did strength training for seven months on my own. JVB’s feedback and my lifts was extraordinarily helpful and allowed me make specific changes to dramatically improve my lifts. Her cues were easy to understand and apply and were always spot on and in 12 weeks my strength has vastly increased and my form has become drastically better. But the biggest change however has been to my confidence. I was a tentative lifter who is now very excited to get my hands on the bar every time I enter the gym. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to get stronger and more confident in strength training.”

Melanie Ash, 34
Columbus, OH

Not Your Mama’s Exercise Program

(But I’m sure your mom is lovely.)

The training programs included in Unapologetically Strong Coaching use a simple yet revolutionary approach called biofeedback testing, and the result is that each and every workout is going to be unique to you and your body. You don’t show up the same to every training session—sometimes you show up like a rock star and sometimes you start out dragging your feet, you know how it is. Training using biofeedback respects that; the program molds to fit you, not the other way around.

This is important: this means that every time you go to the gym you will feel safe in the knowledge that the movements you do will improve your strength and feel great for your body, and not a grind.

Even though you’ll be part of a supportive and interactive group, I will be talking to you individually. Along with the program that forms to fit your body, I will also give you personalized coaching cues throughout our time together. Every time you hit the gym you will feel confident in your form, and certain that you are getting the full benefit out of each and every exercise.

“I love the Unapologetically Strong Coaching program because I don’t feel the pressure to hit assigned numbers or percentages. The inclusion of biofeedback allows your body to determine how hard you work for each session and I can’t rave enough about it: I have gained confidence in my lifts and added over 100 pounds to my squat, bench press, and deadlift!

Being a part of the Unapologetically Strong Coaching group is an unparalleled experience. The high level of support from like-minded individuals have, and will continue to, inspire me to do my absolute best!

Simone B., 48
Columbia, SC

Let’s Do This!

If I sound excited that’s because I genuinely am! Whether you’re a brand-new or intermediate lifter who’s interested in general strength or powerlifting, I’ll tell you the secret to my client’s success right now: my main goal is to make it next to impossible for you not to succeed.

This is major.

I won’t lie, you’re going to be putting in hard work. We’re going to work together to increase your strength, confidence, and self-efficacy, but you’re the one doing the heavy lifting, so to speak. But we’re in this together, you and me, and I’ll be at the top of my game for you.

If you’re ready to kick down the doors to your fitness goals I want you to apply right now to get the conversation started and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Like I always say (you’ll see), this is going to be great! Why wait? Talk soon!

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